Construction contractor

Ci Veng Group Co., Ltd.

Construction contractor

  • Factory project, warehouse, high-rise building
  • Work building office office home
  • Townhome, commercial building work
  • Renovation work

Ci Veng Group Co., Ltd. We are a professional design and construction contractor for industrial factories, factory construction, throughout buildings such as :
  • Home construction contractors
  • Commercial buildings
  • Commercial building
  • Renovation and extension work of all types.
  • With engineering consultation

Ci Veng Group Co., Ltd.
  • We have a team of skilled architects and engineers. And pay attention to the quality of the construction
  • Customers will get the design as they want. Because we take into account the satisfaction of the homeowners is important
  • Do not worry that house prices will escalate. Because we carry out every step
  • Construction schedule According to schedule So you can be assured that the construction is completed on time

Ci Veng Group Co., Ltd.
  • Every work is guaranteed after the completion of it.

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