About us

About us

Ci Veng Group Co., Ltd.

Ci Veng Group Co., Ltd. Construction services And all kinds of civil works We are a construction contractor, controlled and designed by experienced and skilled engineers in each field.

Company Profile
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Ci Veng Group Co., Ltd. is a one-stop service construction company that provides engineering, construction, architectural design and construction services. And interior design By a professional team
  • Complete construction design service We have a team of skilled architects and engineers.
  • Creating quality works according to international standards and customer demand, timely and good after-sales service. Within the specified budget
  • Manage with corporate governance Fair
  • Delivering the best to impress and delight customers.
  • Have continued social and environmental responsibility.

  • Is a leader in the construction business One Stop Service.
  • Quality and service are our jobs. .
  • Construction schedule According to schedule So you can be assured that the construction is completed on time.

  • Commitment to providing quality service Under international professional standards
  • By understanding and being aware of the needs of customers
  • Including giving importance to project budget control
  • To maintain the best interests of our customers is important.